The Messengers by Yadesa Bojia, 2016

Show President Trump what it means when we say #ThisIsARefugee

The White House needs to see that refugees are real people who are desperately seeking safety — and for centuries, refugees and immigrants have built our nation.

As the pre-eminent organization fighting hate and working towards building an inclusive society rooted in respect for all, the Anti-Defamation League is standing with refugees and immigrants in opposition to President Trump's refugee ban. The Jewish community knows far too well what happens when good people do nothing to welcome those desperately fleeing persecution.

Tell the story or post a video on your favorite social media site using the hashtag ##ThisIsARefugee. We want to show the president, Congress, and the public what it means when we say #ThisIsARefugee.

Share Your

#ThisIsARefugee Story

We are asking you to share the stories of refugees you know so that we can show President Trump what it means when we say #ThisIsARefugee. Whether it's your personal story, a family member's, friend's or neighbor's story, tell the world what this refugee went through to come to America and share the many positive ways refugees contribute to our country.

Other Ways to

Get Involved

We Were Strangers, Too

ADL advocates for refugee rights not only because it is the moral course of action, but because once we were strangers, too. Buy artwork that says "We Were Strangers, Too", take part in ADL's refugee advocacy, and access our educational resources.

Stand Up for Refugees

Tell President Trump and Congress that you demand they honor America's longstanding commitment to welcoming those who seek refuge. Sign ADL's letter to let them know where you stand.

Join a #ThisIsARefugee Event

ADL is partnering with Meetup to support refugees. Join members of your community at a #ThisIsARefugee event near you or host your own to show the country who refugees really are — real people who are desperately seeking safety.